For Sellers

For Sellers

Location has a lot to do with pricing your home. But the condition is really important too! Being a home owner means constant maintenance. Buyers can tell when Sellers have not take care of a property. That’s when they start to send low ball offers.

Ok, let’s just do some math. I can come over and visit and there’s no charge! Let me look at the house. I will tell you what I think you can get at it’s current condition. I will also tell you what improvements would get you top dollar. Then, we do math!

So, for example, let’s say your house, in it’s current condition, could sell for $400,000. Then I tell you that if you did some painting, some mulch in the yard, and maybe fixed a few little things here and there, that you could get $435,000. That’s $35,000 more than if you didn’t fix anything! Ok, it’s math time. How much will it cost to do those fixes? Let’s say it will take $1500 and all weekend long! This is an easy answer! Of course you do the fixes! But, if the fixes will cost you $10,000 and you can then only get about $411,000, then it might not be worth it since you would only gain an extra $1000.

Again, I would be happy to come take a look. I’m not afraid to work either! I have painted lots of homes that I sold. I’m getting pretty good at it too! I’m not afraid to work! I love playing in the dirt and making things pretty. So, if  you are in the yard and have some extra mulch for me to play with, then let’s do this!

Connie Howell